Ebitengine 2.6 Release Notes


Issues for v2.6.0



APIs for monitors were added. You can specify a monitor to show your window.

Mouse cursor passthrough


APIs to enable mouse cursor passthrough were added. When passthrough is enabled, a window behind the Ebitengine window becomes responsive to clicks.

New mouse cursor shapes


New mouse cursor shapes were added. See examples/cursor for an example.

Pixel mode in Kage


The pixel mode was added to Kage. The following comments work as compiler directives:

In the pixel mode, Kage shader will treat pixels for all the units. Also, the second argument of Fragment will be in pixels, not texels. And, the following functions will treat pixels, not texels:

For backward compatibility, the default is the texel mode. For new Kage programs, it is strongly recommended to use the pixel mode.

Kage and source images of different sizes


You now can pass source images of different sizes when you use a Kage shader for rendering. This is available only when the shader is in the pixel mode and DrawTrianglesShader is used.

New APIs for Kage


Now Kage can treat source images of different sizes, new APIs were added for Kage. The functions' returning values are in texels or in pixels, and this depends on the specified mode.

DirectX 11 driver


A DirectX 11 driver was implemented. This is used as the default instead of the existing DirectX 12 driver. The DirectX 11 driver is relatively stable and resolved crashes due to the DirectX 12 driver (#2198). Also, this resolved somes issues, such as not being able to capture with OBS (#2148).

You can also use the DirectX 12 driver by specifying version=12 at the environment variable EBITENGINE_DIRECTX.

Text input with IME (experimental)


An experimental package exp/textinput to input texts with IME was added. This works only on macOS and browsers so far. As an example, you can see examples/textinput. As this is still an experiment, APIs may change in the future.

Breaking changes

Bug fixes

This release includes all the bug fixes that were in version 2.5.

Deprecated API

The following APIs were deprecated:

2.5 and older2.6 and newer
text.BoundStringgolang.org/x/image/font.BoundString, or golang.org/x/image/font.Metrics (Ascent and Descent) and golang.org/x/image/font.MeasureString
imageDstRegionOnTexture (Kage)imageDstOrigin or imageDstSize
imageDstTextureSize (Kage)N/A. This should not be needed in the pixel mode.
imageSrcRegionOnTexture (Kage)imageSrc0Origin or imageSrc0Size
imageSrcTextureSize (Kage)N/A. This should not be needed in the pixel mode.



Bug Fixes

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