Ebitengine 2.7 Release Notes


Issues for v2.7.0

New Text Rendering Package text/v2


A new text rendering package text/v2 has been added. This package is a successor to the text package.

For how to use it, please refer to the following samples.


As an environment supported by the experimental package exp/textinput for IME support, Windows has been added (#2735).

Additionally, an API Field has been added for easier use (#2827).

Other New APIs

Bug Fixes

This release includes all bug fixes from version 2.6.

Deprecated APIs

Before 2.6 After 2.7 Issue
ebiten.DeviceScaleFactor ebiten.Monitor and (*ebiten.MonitorType).DeviceScale Factor #2795
(*ebiten.Image).Dispose (*ebiten.Image).Deallocate #2808
ebiten.MaxVerticesCount ebiten.MaxVertexCount #2828
ebiten.ScreenSizeInFullscreen ebiten.Monitor and (*ebiten.MonitorType).Size #2795
(*ebiten.Shader).Dispose (*ebiten.Shader).Deallocate #2808
Build tag ebitenginesinglethread ebiten.RunGameOptions.SingleThread #2830

Incompatible Changes


Issues for v2.7.1

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

Issues for v2.7.2


Bug Fixes

Issues for v2.7.3


Starting from this version, Go 1.18 is no longer supported. This is because we needed to update dependencies that do not support Go 1.18.

Bug Fixes

Issues for v2.7.4