Ebitengine 2.7 Release Notes


Issues for v2.7.0

New Text Rendering Package text/v2


A new text rendering package text/v2 has been added. This package is a successor to the text package.

For how to use it, please refer to the following samples.


As an environment supported by the experimental package exp/textinput for IME support, Windows has been added (#2735).

Additionally, an API Field has been added for easier use (#2827).

Other New APIs

Bug Fixes

This release includes all bug fixes from version 2.6.

Deprecated APIs

Before 2.6 After 2.7 Issue
ebiten.DeviceScaleFactor ebiten.Monitor and (*ebiten.MonitorType).DeviceScale Factor #2795
(*ebiten.Image).Dispose (*ebiten.Image).Deallocate #2808
ebiten.MaxVerticesCount ebiten.MaxVertexCount #2828
ebiten.ScreenSizeInFullscreen ebiten.Monitor and (*ebiten.MonitorType).Size #2795
(*ebiten.Shader).Dispose (*ebiten.Shader).Deallocate #2808
Build tag ebitenginesinglethread ebiten.RunGameOptions.SingleThread #2830

Incompatible Changes


Issues for v2.7.1

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

Issues for v2.7.2


Bug Fixes

Issues for v2.7.3