Ebitengine Game Jam 2024 Started

Siôn le Roux, Hajime Hoshi

The theme for the event is: BUILDING 🏗️🍤 (including build, build up, built, builder, etc.)!

For example, you could make a strategy game where you build a tower or a town, a puzzle where you need to build the right path or a tool to solve it, a story set in a very specific building, background music that is constantly building up... or any combination of these, or something completely different, these are just some starting ideas. Feel free to interpret it figuratively or completely literally 😉 it's up to you, so get creative!

It might be a good idea to describe how your game uses the theme on your game page in case it's not immediately obvious.

Thank you to everyone who submitted theme suggestions!

Go to the itch.io page for more information.

Good luck, and have fun!

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