Ebitengine Game Jam 2023 Started

Siôn le Roux, Hajime Hoshi

The theme for the event is: REVERSE 🔄🍤

For example, you could make a racing game where the car only goes backwards (driving in reverse gear) or the controls are swapped/reversed, or perhaps a role-playing game where you reverse effects/changes (even large-scale, like climate change as part of the story) or anything you want! The word can be interpreted in very different ways, for more ideas see the many definitions of reverse at thefreedictionary.org. Feel free to use these ideas as a starting point or go off in a totally different direction, you don't even need to interpret it literally 😉 Get creative!

Thank you to everyone who submitted theme ideas!

Go to the itch.io page for more information on how to participate!

Good luck, start coding, drawing, composing and have fun!

Copyright 2023 Siôn le Roux